Air-Conditioned Locations by Hall

With high temperatures predicted for the next several days, air-conditioned locations are listed below by neighborhood.  Please contact your CA or Hall Director if you have any questions or have trouble locating the air-conditioned spaces listed below.

Richardson Court

MWL Commons open 24/7, accessible via ground floor entrance by Seasons
Conversations Dining Center Open 7 am - 8:30 pm most weekdays (hours vary Friday-Sunday; meal plan, morning bundles, Sunday bundles, dining dollars and cash accepted)
Roberts Hall Harriman parlor and computer lab (2nd floor)
Welch Hall Rec room, 1270 Ayres
Linden Hall Main lounge and rec room
Barton Hall Barton parlor, room 131
Lyon Hall Lyon Parlor, rooms 207-209
Freeman Hall Freeman parlor, rooms 207-213
Oak-Elm Hall Oak rec room, lower level


Union Drive

UDCC upstairs and downstairs lobbies are open 24/7, UDCC 136 (ground floor, near copy center) is also open 24/7 as a quiet study area
Friley Dungeons study area (lower level, near laundry room) and computer lab (by hall desk)
Helser TV rooms (1501/3), study rooms (1505/7) and computer lab (1510)



Wallace-Wilson Commons Main commons, study rooms, projector room, computer lab and fitness center
Storms Dining Visit Storms (across the lawn), they're open Sunday-Thursday evenings, 4:30-8:30 pm (meal plan, dining dollars or cash accepted)


What else can you do to stay cool?

Campus Buildings: Classrooms, Parks Library, the MU, ISU Dining locations, rec centers and more have AC. Check out a new place!

Attire: Wear loose-fitting, light weight clothing

Windows & Fans: Keep your shades or curtains shut during the day to keep out the sun. Use a fan to circulate the air in your room.

Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water

Pools: Want a fun way to cool off? Try the pools at State Gym or check the Furman Aquatic Center’s (city of Ames pool) Facebook page for their hours.

Events:  Looking for something to do? Look around your hall or check out to see what’s happening on campus.