Accommodating Growth

Since 2005, demand for on-campus housing has outpaced enrollment growth. On-campus housing has gone from 7,909 in 2005 to 12,237 in fall 2014, which equates to 4,328 beds or 55%. During that same timeframe, enrollment has increased from 25,741 to 34,732, or a 35% growth.

"The addition of a new residence hall provides a solution to the university's growing need for student housing and helps to sustain the market as external partners within the Ames community look to grow and expand."
—Pete Englin, Department of Residence director

Changes Made to Accommodate Demand Since 2006

Wallace and Wilson Halls

In 2006, Wallace Hall was re-opened as an option for students 19+ who wanted a single room.  As demand grew for single rooms, Wilson Hall was also re-opened.  In 2011, Wilson Hall was converted back to its original design of double-occupancy rooms followed by Wallace Hall in 2012.  Since fall 2012, both Wallace and Wilson Halls have been fully occupied.  New furniture, flooring, paint, bathroom renovations and the addition of kitchenettes to each floor have updated Wallace and Wilson Halls.

Use of Interim Spaces

In fall 2012, demand for housing exceeded permanent spaces.  To provide a home for everyone who wanted to live on campus, dens that could be converted to rooms were identified and added as living spaces for students.  Dens were also used in fall 2013 and fall 2014. Dens will also be in use for fall 2015 in all residence halls except Helser and Birch-Welch-Roberts.

New Spaces – Frederiksen Court

Construction began in November 2012 on the Frederiksen Court Expansion project.  This project added six buildings to the existing Frederiksen Court Apartment community which equates to 720 beds.  Two buildings were occupied in August 2013 followed by the other four buildings in 2014.

Leased Properties

In Fall 2013, the Department of Residence leased space in Campustown and west Ames. The leased spaces are fully staffed and operated by the department.  Leased space was used in 2014-15 and will be in use for 2015-16 as an option for students. An additional 395 spaces have been leased for the 2015-16 academic year, brining total leased spaces to 1,454.