Assessment & Research

The DOR Research and Assessment Office was created in 1996 to measure students' academic success and retention to the University, and to assess students' satisfaction with residence facilities and services.

Research & Assessment Goals

I. Track data related to the academic success of students:
  • Residential and basic academic information tables for fall and spring semesters.
  • Academic achievement reporting at the end of the semesters based on a place of residence.
  • Comparison of academic achievement scores for groups of interest (e.g., gender, class, race/ethnicity, campus residence).
  • Predictive analytics to learn more about which background or environmental characteristics might predict a higher academic achievement scores.
II. Track data related to the retention/graduation of students at Iowa State University:
  • Analyses of student retention/graduation rates based on different groups of interest (e.g., Learning Community members, gender, place of residence, and race/ethnicity).
  • Predictive analytics to improve student retention/graduation rates.
III. Collect data related to students' satisfaction with facilities and services:
  • Assess and compare the impact of residence life experience on CAS Standards-based learning outcomes through administration of the ACUHO-I/Benchworks assessments. 
  • Assess and enhance academic success for students living in expanded housing. 
IV. Collect data related to professional and para-professional staff training:
  • Conduct formative and summative assessments to assess the efficacy of training. 
V. Assist staff in assessing the Living, Learning, Leading Model:
  • Collaborate with staff on strategies, techniques, tools and instruments for collecting information to determine the extent to which students demonstrate desired learning outcomes. 
  • Provide assistance in data collection and analyses.
Research Staff
Aurelia Kollasch, Ph.D., Senior Research Analyst
Phone: 515-294-9521
KB Gwebu, M.S., Graduate Assistant