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Fall 2020 Temp / Early Housing

Temporary Housing / Early Arrival

Move-in works best when everyone arrives on their official move-in date, so please consider these options only as a last resort. If you do need Temporary / Early Arrival housing, please read the following information AND complete the web form at the bottom of this page.

The DOR offers Temporary Housing and Early Arrival on-campus housing to all ISU students prior to the start of the fall semester. During this time, the 2020–21 On-Campus Housing Contract Terms and Conditions for Residence Halls and Apartments will be in effect. 

Everyone who uses Temporary / Early Arrival housing is charged per night from the date they check-in until their official move-in date. These charges are placed on the UBill in September. If you would like to reduce these charges, consider being a part of our Move-In Crew.

Temporary Housing is available for any ISU student – including all international students and students with a gap in their off-campus lease. 

  • Location = TBD
  • Style = all rooms are single gender, double occupancy, with two single beds in each room, both of which will be lofted with furniture underneath each bed. Only the provided furniture is allowed in the rooms.   
  • Cost = TBD
  • Dates = TBD
    • Check-In = Begins at 7:00 am on TBD
    • Check-Out = Before 8:00 pm on TBD YOU MUST CHECK-OUT BY THIS TIME.
    • If you have 2020-21 on-campus housing, you can go to your assignment's Hall Desk beginning at 4:00pm and immediately transition to your permanent assignment to begin Early Arrival Housing.
  • If you have a disability and need special/medical housing accommodations you must notify staff in advance (at least 5 weekdays). You may be required to contact the Student Accessibility Services (SAS) office (515-294-7220) to provide documentation.
    • Emotional Support Animals are only permitted into Temporary Housing if you are registered with SAS and have received approval for an ESA.

Early Arrival is available only to students who have an on-campus assignment for fall 2020.

  • Location = you will check directly into your 2020-21 permanent assignment.
  • Cost = TBD
  • Dates = Aug. 15 – Aug. 19
    • Check-in is available 9:00 am – 5:00 pm each day.
    • You have 90 minuntes to unload your car and then it must be relocated to long-term parking at the Iowa State Center or Jack Trice Stadium so others can park close and move in. 
    • Women arriving for Sorority Recruitment will receive their move-in information from the Office of Sorority and Fraternity Engagement.
      • The fees previously paid to participate in Sorority Recruitment do not cover the cost of Early Arrival housing.