Frederiksen Court and SUV Apartment Move-Out Procedures

At major move out times (end of fall, spring, and summer), Check Out Packets will be sent to all residents on record as moving out. At all other times, you must contact your apartment community office to notify staff of your intent to move out and to receive check out procedures and cleaning information. Basic apartment check out procedures are as follows:

  1. Remove all of your belongings.
    • This includes your bedroom and all common areas.
  2. Thoroughly clean your apartment.
    • Instructions on how and what to clean are included in your check-out packet.
  3. Visit your apartment community office
    • Complete your check out forms
    • Turn in your key(s)
    • Fill out a forwarding address card for the USPS.

Once you have left, staff will inspect your apartment or your bedroom/bathroom, whichever is appropriate for your apartment situation.

  • Apartment Inventory & Condition Reports and Cleaning Checklists are used to do these inspections.
  • You will be charged for damages or required cleaning not done.
    • Photos will be taken to support cleaning charges.
    • Charges will appear on your U-bill.

If you wish to be present for this inspection, you must schedule a Personal Inspection and Check-Out (PICO) one week in advance.