Moving In / Out

Moving In 

Before loading your car, please visit What to Bring for details on what to pack - and what not to! Then visit one of our move-in pages:

Pay attention to the YEARS on these pages. If you are looking for information for a year not indicated, please contact us.

Moving Out 

Whether you're changing assignments or leaving on-campus housing, follow these tips to help make your move successful. Review the Policy Handbook for more information.

Tell us what you're doing. We may not know you're leaving just because you told a roommate, professor, etc.

Talk to your roommate(s). Let them know when you are leaving and decide who is responsible for cleaning, etc.

Follow checkout procedures. Doing so will help you avoid any cleaning / damage charges.

Turn in your keys to DOR staff. You charges will continue until you return them. Don't leave them in your room or give them to your roommate.

Take all your stuff with you - including your bike. Items left behind will be considered abandoned property.

Know when you have to go. Residents must move out by the deadlines listed on the move-out pages