Mail & Packages

Residence Hall Mail

Each room is assigned a mailbox that all residents of that room will share. Mailbox types vary by area and locks may be either keyed or combination, both of which are distributed at check-in. TIP: Remember your mail box combo by entering it into your cell phone as a contact. 

In the residence halls, delivery of resident mail is managed by the Department of Residence. We also handle all package delivery. For resident security, package carriers (such as DHL, FedEx and UPS) are not permitted to deliver to student rooms. We process a 50,000 packages each year! To do this, we need your help, so please keep the following in mind:

  1. Use the correct name and address. We only deliver packages to students on our rosters, so the name on the package must closely match what is on the student's ISU ID card.
  2. Check your “” email frequently. When we receive your package, we will send you an e-mail notification with a package number. You will need this number and your ISU Card to claim your package.
  3. Don't wait until the last minute. Plan ahead and send items at least 7 days in advance. If you are ordering on-line add at least two days to whatever the company claims as shipping time.
  4. Don't be fooled by tracking numbers. Your tracking number may say your package is 'delivered', but that doesn't mean we have it. It may be at the main University mail room and it can take a full day to be routed to us.
  5. Rethink “Perishables” packages. We are unable to refrigerate packages in most of our mail rooms. So don't order items that will spoil and pick your package up ASAP when you get your email notification.

We do not have the space and cannot accept exceptionally large items like furniture or large electronics. 

To ensure prompt delivery, items should be addressed as follows:

Resident's Full Name
Hall Name House Name
Street Address, Room #
Ames, IA  Zip Code
Hall Street Address Zip Code Mail Room HallStreet AddressZip CodeMail Room
Barton 285 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0023 Cornerstone Hall Desk     
Birch 245 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0023 Cornerstone Hall Desk Lyon305 RICHARDSON CT50013-0034Cornerstone Hall Desk
Buchanan 2160 LINCOLN WAY 50013-0043 Buchanan Hall Desk Maple204 BEACH RD50013-0025MWL Hall Desk
Eaton 135 BEYER CT 50012-1056 Union Drive Community Center Martin131 BEYER CT50012-1061Union Drive Community Center
Freeman 315 RICHARDSON CT 50013-0034 Cornerstone Hall Desk Roberts275 RICHARDSON CT50013-0023Cornerstone Hall Desk
Friley 212 BEYER CT 50012-1058 Union Drive Community Center Wallace917 WELCH RD50013-0028Wallace-Wilson Hall Desk
Geoffroy2152 LINCOLN WAY50013-0042Geoffroy Hall Desk Welch255 RICHARDSON CT50013-0023Cornerstone Hall Desk
Helser 221 BEYER CT 50012-1078 Union Drive Community Center Willow236 BEACH RD50013-0025MWL Hall Desk
Larch 140 BEACH RD 50013-0033 MWL Hall Desk Wilson926 HAYWARD AVE50013-0028Wallace-Wilson Hall Desk