Here is a list of the words, phrases and abbreviations commonly used on our web site and in AccessPlus:.

  • AC - Yes indicates the building is air-conditioned.
    • Only 8 of our 20 residence halls are air-conditioned, so most new students are assigned non-air housing.
    • In AC buildings, due to the relatively mild temperatures in Ames, the AC is typically only on the first four weeks of fall and the last two weeks of spring. In times of high heat, AC common spaces are available in each building.
  • Application Only – Indicates the presence of a Residential Learning Community for which residents must meet specific eligibility criteria. 
  • Coed – Both males and females live in the same building or house in different sections.
  • Corner Suite – In Martin Hall only, these suites have a larger common room than a typical suite.
  • Double – Room designed for and occupied by two students and containing two sets of furniture.
  • Gender Inclusive – In these locations, neither the house or the rooms are designated for a specific gender and students of any gender may live together as roommates. All genders are welcome!
  • Lofted Suite – Martin Hall only- a two story suite that consists of two or three double rooms, a common room and one or two bathrooms.
  • Maple Triple – A three person suite in Maple Hall that includes a single room, a double room and a bathroom.
  • Pet Friendly – Designated units in University Village that allow pets other than fish.
  • Quad - Room designed for and occupied by four students and containing four sets of furniture.
  • Substance Free – Alcohol is prohibited to all students in this area, regardless of age.
  • Single – Room designed for and occupied by one student and containing one set of furniture.
  • Style - The type of room / bathroom set-up in each building.
    • Traditional - Most residents live in double occupancy rooms and share a common, hallway bathroom. 
    • Suite - Typically, two double occupancy rooms rooms joined by a private bathroom.
    Suite – A grouping of one to three residence hall rooms (of the same gender) that share a private bathroom.
  • Double as Single – Room designed for two students that is occupied by only one student. All DAS rooms contain two sets of furniture.
  • Triple – Room designed for and occupied by three students and containing three sets of furniture.