Summer 2017 Contracts and Assignments

Summer contracts will be available in AccessPlus beginning March 10.

We will begin making assignments in mid-April and continue throughout the summer. Assignments will be available to view in AccessPlus beginning April 19. However, your assignment is not final until you check-in. The condition of spaces cannot be known until the current occupants vacate. If the space is not ready for a new resident, we may need to change your assignment.

Accommodations - If you require an assignment based on medical needs you must submit a Housing Accommodation Request.

Assignments - For all other assignments, please be aware of the following.

  • Summer 2017 housing will be available in Geoffroy Hall and in the Frederiksen Court, Legacy, Iowa State West, and Schilletter and University Village (SUV) apartments.
  • Frederiksen Court, Legacy, Iowa State West, and SUV are not available as summer only assignments.
  • So that you will move as few times as possible, and so that the DOR staff has less apartments to turn at the end of summer, assignments are made as follows:
    • If your fall 2017 assignment is available, you will move there for summer.
    • If your fall 2017 assignment is unavailable, you will stay in your spring 2017 assignment if it is available.
    • If both your fall your spring assignments are unavailable, you will be assigned to Geoffroy Hall.
    • If you have a summer only contract you will be assigned to Geoffroy Hall.
  • If you are assigned to an SUV apartment, the Private/Shared designation of your summer SUV apartment will be the same as your fall 2017 SUV apartment. If you do not have a fall 2017 assignment in SUV, then it will be the same as your spring 2017 SUV apartment.

Cancellations - The 2016-17 On-Campus Housing Terms and Conditions include summer 2017. Cancel deadlines are as follows:

  • May 1, 2017 = Entire Summer and Session 1 Only
  • June 1, 2017= Trial Enrollment and Session 2 Only

All cancellations must be completed in Access Plus or submitted in writing (e-mail is acceptable and must include full name and ISU ID).

While there is no penalty for cancellation of your summer contract, your charges begin to accrue as of your scheduled move-in date, even if you have not yet moved-in. These charges are non refundable and continue to accrue until you have cancelled your contract and completed a proper move-out (if moved-in).

A minimum two-week stay is required for summer housing. If you move out after staying less than two weeks, you will still be responsible for two full weeks worth of housing fees.