Live in a Hall, Have a Ball!

Keep your room, move down the hall or move to a different building - it's up to you! Res halls are the ultimate in convenience, location, leadership opportunities and life with friends. Utilities are included, there's always something to do, you don't have to move furniture around and we have a ton of room styles available on campus.

If you're looking for a single room, consider Wallace Hall or search AccessPlus for singles available in some of our buildings. Buchanan Hall offers single suites. You get your own room that connects to another room via a bathroom. Or, you can choose to have a double room to yourself (the other set of furniture stays).

To choose a space:

  • Log in to AccessPlus
  • Submit a 2020-21 housing contract

The dates below are when selection begins. New spaces will be available throughout the process. If you don't find what you want the first time, keep checking back! We anticipate even more space opening up in January. 

  • Nov. 19: Submit your housing contract by 10 p.m. to be placed back in your room
  • Nov. 20: You can pull roommates in to vacant spaces in your room or be pulled in to someone else's room.
    • Want your own room? You can choose a double-as-single. Stop by 2419 Friley Hall to select a room and fill out paperwork.
  • Nov. 21: Pick any available room in your house
  • Nov. 22: Pick any available room in your hall
  • Nov. 25: Choose a room in any hall on campus!


Have a group larger than six who all want to live on the same floor?

We love neighbors! Visit us in 2419 Friley Hall by Nov. 22 and we'll help place your group together.

How it works in AccessPlus:

  • All selection takes place in AccessPlus (A+).
    • All selection processes begin at 6 a.m. on the date indicated.
  • When you can select depends on where you're living now
  • If you are in a roommate group, only one member can be searching in A+ at a time.
    • This person is called your Search Leader.
      • If another group member tries to search for spaces, the first person will be "bounced out" and will lose any in-progress selections.
      • Groups should discuss ahead of time who their Search Leader will be.

Questions? Email or call 515-294-2900. We're happy to help!

What's so great about campus life?

Staff - We're the only option in town with a true campus connection and live-in staff members dedicated to your success. They're Iowa State employees who can help connect you with resources on campus. 

Students - When else in your life to you get to live with a bunch of your friends? There's always someone to study with, hang out with and new friends to meet. 

Success - You're set up for success. Students who live on campus graduate faster, earn higher GPAs and have more free time than those who don't. Plus, they're more involved and more connected to Iowa State.

Contracts - Our contracts (aka: leases) are for the academic year. Sure, we have summer options if you need them but most of the time, you're off doing amazing internships and having fun in the summer. Why pay for space when you're not here or worry about a sub leasing?

Food - No meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning up! You have fun, we do all the cooking. Our menus change all the time so you don't get bored and have a big variety of food to choose from! 

Utilities - Off campus life seems cheaper on the surface, right? What happens when you get a $500 utility bill (yes, we do have data to back up the fact that it happens!). Are you financially prepared for fluctuating bills? What about internet? Cable? Electric? Gas? Water? Trash removal? Is that all included? Everything is included when you live on campus.

Options - We have suites, res-hall rooms, single rooms and apartments all with a true campus connection.