Fall 2016 Occupancy Plan

Since 2010, demand to live in Department of Residence (DOR) managed housing has grown by over 60%. During this same time, enrollment has grown by less than 40%. This is the greatest compliment our residents could give us! We attribute the demand for DOR-managed housing to the positive experience students have while living with us, the success they enounter, and the community they create.

We have adapted to accommodate increased demand in a number of ways:

  • increasing capacity in Wallace and Wilson halls; 
  • using residence hall dens as student rooms;
  • adding 720 apartment spaces by constructing new buildings in Frederiksen Court; and
  • leasing over 1,500 apartment spaces in the off-campus community.

Currently, we are building a new 784-bed residence hall. When this building comes online in spring 2017, we will be able to serve many more students who desire on-campus housing. 

However, fall 2016 planning numbers still show continued, high demand from current residents and newly admitted students. In order to have space for these two groups, we have adjusted some of our housing eligibility criteria and policies.

The below chart provides an overview of our fall 2016 occupancy management plan. Please review the Housing Group Details for more information.

Housing Group Residence Halls Apartments
Newly Admitted Freshmen 19 & younger
19 (if requested)
and 20 & older
Newly Admitted Transfers 18 & younger 19 & older
Returners - residents living 
on-campus spring 2016
Any age, but in
limited numbers
Any age, but in limited numbers
Families N/A
Current ISU students living
off-campus spring 2016
Waitlist Only
Students in the Admissions
Partnership Program (APP)
Waitlist Only Waitlist Only

Why were these decisions made?

When a student accepts their admission to Iowa State the expectation is that the DOR will have a place for them to live, if they want one. We also know that incoming students have a greater need for the supportive nature that our residence-hall structure offers. 

Our returning students have had a year or more to find their place at Iowa State and are more likely to be ready to live in one of our apartment communities. Our apartments offer the same academically-friendly leases and supportive on-site staff—but with more independence and privacy.

We know limiting residence hall space and waitlisting is not ideal, but we did not want to take contracts now that we may not be able to honor at a later date. This new occupancy management plan ensures we can meet the needs of our current residents and the new fall 2016 freshmen and transfer students who want to live on-campus. We hope that by making this plan available well in advance of the fall 2016 semester, students will be able to plan accordingly and find housing that meets their needs.

Housing Group Details

Newly Admitted Freshmen
  • Newly Admitted Freshmen aged 18 and younger will be assigned to a residence hall.
  • 19-year-old Newly Admitted Freshmen will be assigned to a residence hall unless they have requested an apartment and space is available.
  • Newly Admitted Freshmen aged 20 and older will be assigned to an apartment. Residence hall assignments will be made only after assigning all freshmen 19 and younger and all transfers 18 and younger.
Newly Admitted Transfers
  • Newly Admitted Transfers aged 18 and younger will be assigned to a residence hall.
  • Newly Admitted Transfers aged 19 and older will be assigned to an apartment. Residence halls assignments will be made only after assigning all freshmen 19 and younger and all transfers 18 and younger.
Returners - residents who live on-campus spring 2016
  • Returners were able to submit a contract for 2016-17 beginning in December 2015
  • Returners were able to participate in the Recontracting process and select their own assignments beginning on February 8, 2016.
  • The numbers of Returners able to select a residence hall space was limited to 95% of the preceeding year (1300 total)
  • The majority of Returners will only be able to select an apartment assignment, available until cap is reached. The cap is more than returned during recontracting in 2015.
    • The cap was reached on February 15, 2016. Returners wanting a space for fall 2016 will need to submit a Waitlist appplication.
Admissions Partnership Program (APP)
  • APP students who live on-campus spring 2016 will be included among the Returners and will follow the same guidelines and processes.
  • New fall 2016 APP students who contracted for housing before Dec. 14, 2015, will be included assigned along with Newly Admitted Freshmen.
  • After December 14, 2015 no new fall 2016 APP student contracts will be accepted. However, these students may submit a Waitlist appplication.
Off Campus
Current ISU students who do not live in DOR-managed housing spring 2016 may submit a Waitlist appplication.