New Admit Assignments

Does when I accept my admission impact my assignment? Yes. The earlier you accept your offer of admission, the earlier you can contract for housing. The earlier you contract for housing, the more likely you are to get an assignment that fits most of your preferences! 
How will my assignment be made?
Assignments are made on a first-come, first-served basis, comparing preference requests to available space. As such, an assignment within your preferences cannot be guaranteed.
  1. Accommodation Requests are assigned first.
  2. Learning Community (LC) preferences are considered second.
    • Most LCs have eligibility requirements you must meet to be considered.
    • If you have selected an LC and also indicated a roommate request, your roommate request will be considered only if space is available, the request is mutual and your roommate is also eligible for and has preferenced the same LC.
  3. Roommate Requests are considered third and the earliest contract date determines priority for the group.
    • Roommate requests must be mutual (by giving your personal code to the other person, you are requesting each other) and you must all be eligible for the same type of housing.
    • Your Room Preferences will guide us in making your assignment, but your assignment may be anywhere your roommate request can be accommodated.
    • If you preference a Single Room, you will only be considered for a single if we can't accommodate your Roommate Request.
  4. Room Preferences are considered fourth.
    • Please list all twelve preferences! If you list fewer and we can't accommodate you in those preferences, we will have to make our best guess as to your assignment.
    • While it varies yearly, some of the most popular options, such as Eaton, Friley, Maple and Martin Halls, fill with early contract dates, often as early as August. You should preference at least one option outside of these areas
    • Single rooms are very limited and not everyone who requests a single room receives one.
    • Only 25% of our residence hall space is air-conditioned so the majority of residents live in non-A/C buildings.
What if I have special needs for housing? If you have a medical issue that requires special housing accommodation, please review the information provided in our Housing Accommodation Requests section.
How can I guarantee the room that I want? We can't guarantee a specific room or building to any student, but we try very hard to accommodate your preferences. Getting your contract in early increases your chances of getting your top choice. Keep in mind that the locations that are popular with new students are also popular with returning students.
​Can I change my assignment? For contracts that start Fall, you can make changes to your assignment using AccessPlus on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout June and July. During the third week of Fall classes, AccessPlus will open up once again for you to make changes Monday - Sunday. For contracts that start Spring, once you have an assignment, you can make changes until the end of December. No changes will be allowed from January 1 until after you have arrived and checked-in. Generally, AccessPlus becomes available the second week of the semester. 

How do I make a roommate request? If you are submitting your contract via AccessPlus, you AND your roommate request MUST each get your roommate number code from AccessPlus and then share them with one another. One of you must enter the other's codes into your housing contract. If you are completing your contract via paper, you may make a roommate request in the appropriate space on your contract.

What if I don't have a specific roommate request? If you don't have a certain someone in mind, don't worry, a roommate will be assigned to you. You will be informed of your roommates before you move in either through mail or Access Plus.
When will I know my assignment? Once your assignment is made, you will be sent a post card (Fall) or email (Spring) notifying you that your assignment, rooomate information, and move-in dates are available to view on Access Plus. 
  • For FALL, we start sending notifications the week of June 1. Not every student will have an assignment by June 1, so we will continue to send out postcards throughout the summer. Some students may not know their assignments until late July.
  • For SPRING, we start sending notifications the third week of December. 

I don't have an assignment yet - will I have a place to stay? The DOR is committed to making assignments for all newly admitted students who want to live on-campus. We make new student assignments starting in late May and continuing throughout the summer. We continue to assign spaces to contracted people using the date the completed contract was received. We assign contracted students to spaces we get through cancellations. Keep checking AccessPlus.