New Student Contracts

Nine out of ten new Iowa State students choose to live on-campus! We have a variety of different housing types, so explore the different options.

When can I contract for on-campus housing? As soon as you have accepted your admission to ISU -- the sooner the better! We start accepting NEW STUDENT housing contracts in June;of the prior year (i.e.. June 2017 for fall 2018).
How can I contract for on-campus housing? Once you accept your admission, you can submit a housing contract using AccessPlus. We STRONGLY SUGGEST you use AccessPlus, but you can obtain a paper copy of the contract by contacting the Administrative Services office. The DOR cannot accept responsibility for contracts delayed or lost in the mailing process.
Does when I accept my admission impact my assignment? Yes. The earlier you accept your offer of admission, the earlier you can contract for housing. The earlier you contract for housing, the more likely you are to get an assignment that fits most of your preferences!
Is there a deadline to submit my contract? There is no deadline for submitting a housing contract, but the date you submit your contract determines your assignment priority. It is in your best interest to submit your contract as soon as possible.
Should I wait to contract until I find a roommate, know what my financial aid is, make a final decision on coming to ISU, know where I want to live, etc...? The longer you wait, the harder it becomes to receive an assignment within your preferences. Newly admitted students have until May 1 of the year they will attend ISU to cancel their housing contract WITHOUT PENALTY. Also, once you submit your contract, you can revisit it any time before April 15 to change your preferences, add a roommate, etc. DO NOT WAIT!

I submitted my contract already. Is it early or late? While it varies each year based on the number of students admitted, when they decide to accept, how soon they contract etc., approximately half of new students will have submitted their contracts before the end of January.

Because the date you submit your contract determines your priority for housing, the later you submit your contract, the less likely you are to be assigned with your preferences. Keep in mind, your contract is for a space anywhere on campus, and you could be assigned to any one of our residence halls or on-campus apartments.

I changed my mind about living on-campus. How do I cancel? While it's up to you, remember that your contract is a legally binding document. There are penalties associated with cancelling your contract. Review our Contract Cancellation web page for full details.