Housing & Dining Contracts

FALL 2018: Some spaces are still available for fall 2018. To inquire about space and submit a contract: contact housing@iastate.edu, call 515-294-2900 or stop by our contracting office at 2419 Friley Hall.  Any student who has accepted their offer of admission to ISU is eligible to submit a Department of Residence contract.

In order to live on campus at ISU, you must submit a Housing and Dining Contract. To be eligible to submit a contract you must you must:

  • be in good financial standing with ISU
  • be enrolled in classes at ISU
  • not be required to register under the Iowa Sex Offender Registry Law, Iowa Code Chapter 692A

How you will submit your contract depends on what type of student you are:

Newly Admitted Student (New Admits) Contracts - New Admits are those freshmen, transfer, and graduate students who will attend ISU for the first time at the start of their contract. 
  • New Admits are unable to submit their contract until they have accepted their offer of admission to ISU.

Returning Resident (Returners) RECONTRACTING - Returners are those ISU students who currently live on-campus during the spring semester and who want to return to campus housing for the next year (fall).

Summer Contracts - both New Admits and Returners can submit summer contracts.

Please note: Your contract is not an application. It is a legally binding document that states your commitment to live on campus. By submitting a contract you are stating that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms & Conditions.