Spring Preferencing 2017

If you change assignments, you must vacate your current space BEFORE 12:00 noon on December 16 – EVEN IF YOUR NEW SPACE IS NOT READY TO MOVE INTO.

  • Move to an Apartment = If you choose an apartment, you can't move into your new space until January 4. You still MUST move out of your current space BEFORE 12:00 noon on Saturday, December 17.

  • Move to a Residence Hall = If you select a residence hall, you can contact the appropriate hall desk to find out when your new space will be available.
  • Can't move into your new space by December 16? Here are your options:
    • Take all of your things home with you over Winter Break and check into the new room in January.
    • Ask a friend if you can store your things in their room.
    • Store your things off-campus

If you can't move out of your current space by December 16, you should not make a room change.

For check-out procedures, visit http://housing.iastate.edu/move.

Spring 2018 Assignment Selection Dates

November 27 - December 10, log onto A+ and select Search assignments to move spring to find spaces where the current resident is leaving at semester’s end.

If you change your mind once you have made a reservation, you can cancel your reservation by e-mailing housing@iastate.edu. Please include your full name and ID number in your email.

  • Nov. 2 = Roommate Pull-Ins = Residents with anticipated vacancies in their rooms can use A+ to pull in roommates. You may continue to pull-in roommates until the space has been selected / assigned to a new student. If the space in your room doesn't show as available, it may be because your roommate hasn't cancelled. Remind them to use A+ to cancel their contract.
    • Begins at 6:00 am.
    • If you have a vacancy in your room, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ROOMMATE for spring.
    • To pull in a roommate of your choosing, you must form a roommate group AND pull that person into your space.
    • If you do not select your own a roommate, your space must be ready for a new resident before you leave for winter break.
  • Nov. 29 = Within House / Neighborhood Moves
    • Begins at 7:00 am.
    • Residents in the halls can select vacancies on their current house.
    • Apartment residents can select vacancies in their same neighborhood.
      • Frederiksen residents can select from all of Frederiksen, Legacy residents can select from all of Legacy, ISU West residents can select from all of ISU West, and University Village can select from all of University Village.
  • Nov. 30 - Dec. 10 = Anywhere Moves = All anticipated vacancies available for selection.
    • Begins at 6:00 am.